Camp Mont Shenandoah provides healthcare with a well-equipped health care center called The Pill Box and a full-time Healthcare Provider who oversees routine medications, health records and first aid needs. Program staff are trained and certified in CPR and First Aid. In the event your daughter requires additional medical attention, we primarily use Bath Community Hospital in Hot Springs and the Augusta Healthcare System in Staunton.

We are equipped to handle many physical and mental health issues. If you would like to
discuss a particular healthcare situation involving your daughter to ensure that CMS is a
suitable match for her summer camp experience, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We are able to accommodate many doctor prescribed dietary restrictions/needs for
campers. Please contact us to learn what we can or cannot do for your daughter while at

IMPORTANT: All prescribed medication brought to camp must be in its
original pharmacy container with the camper’s name, medication name, date
and instructions clearly labeled on the bottle. Do not send over-the-counter
medications or vitamins with your daughter unless there is a written doctor’s
order and clear instructions accompanying them on the camper’s physical
examination, part of her Campminder health profile. This form must be signed by
the physician.

Parents are notified by phone of any medical treatment received other than a routine visit to
The Pill Box, including overnight stays or trips to an outside healthcare provider.

We use Campminder for our electronic medical records. Your daughter’s Campminder
Health Profile must be completed in full no later than June 1, 2023. This includes:
1) the health history (mental & physical) with a complete immunization record, list of current
medications (both prescription and over-the-counter), known allergies, dietary restrictions,
emergency contacts and the permission to treat section electronically signed by a parent or
legal guardian; 2) the physical examination completed and signed and dated by a licensed
healthcare provider (conducted within 12 months prior to the start of camp); and, 3) an
uploaded copy of your daughter’s health insurance information including the policy holder’s
date of birth.

IMPORTANT: A camper will not be allowed to participate in camp activities until
her electronic medical record is fully complete.

We, along with the American Camp Association and the American Academy of Pediatrics,
discourage children from taking a “medical holiday” while at summer camp. Please keep
your child on all medications that she takes during the school year.

Camp Mont Shenandoah does not provide accident or health insurance for attending
campers. Parents will be responsible for any medical expenses incurred by their daughter.

Lice: Yes, lice is a four-letter word and no one likes to deal with it but it has become
commonplace in our society, including at summer camps. CMS has a “No Nit/No Lice”
policy. Upon arrival, all campers will be checked for lice and nits. If there is any evidence of
lice, campers must depart with their parents and cannot return until lice and nit free.
In the event a camper is discovered to have lice once camp is underway, parents will choose
one of two options in controlling the outbreak:
1. Collect the child and her belongings to treat at home (only to be returned
once lice & nit free).
2. Pay for a lice treatment/nit removal service with which Camp Mont
Shenandoah has contracted. Parents will be billed separately for this
service with payment due upon receipt. This option allows the camper to
remain in the camp community.

There will be no tuition refunds for time spent away from camp for the treatment of lice/nits.

We strongly encourage campers to bring Lice Shield or other, similar biodegradable lice
shampoo and conditioner to camp. These hair treatments have been shown to be effective
deterrents to the spread of lice.

If you would like to learn if we can manage a particular healthcare need for your daughter, please contact us.  We will be happy to answer any questions you may have!

“The worry part of me rests while (the girls) are there – no whose car are they in, are they having fun, are they getting enough to eat or are they happy. It is a resounding positive to all of those. While they are with you, those questions don’t nag at me – ever.”

– Parent | Richmond, VA