Camp Mont Shenandoah provides health care with a well-equipped infirmary and full-time Health Care Provider who oversees routine medications, health records, and first aid needs. Program staff are trained and certified in CPR and First Aid. In the event your daughter requires additional medical attention, the Millboro Area Rescue Squad is based less than 10 minutes from camp and the Bath Community Hospital is nearby in Hot Springs, Virginia.

Parents are notified by phone of any medical treatment received (other than a routine visit to our health care provider) such as overnight stays in the infirmary or trips to an outside physician.

“The Pill Box”, our heath care center, is well equipped for routine health concerns. Campers go directly to the nurse when they first arrive at Camp. At that time, medical forms are checked over to make certain that all necessary authorizations, instructions, or medications are noted in order to provide the best care to your child. Any medications – prescription and over-the-counter – are also handed in at this time.

The American Camp Association and the American Academy of Pediatrics both highly recommend that children not take a “medical holiday” while at summer camp. It has been our experience, regardless of the type or class of medication that campers do far better and have a superior camp experience when they continue the medication regimen that they have at home.

CMS has a “No Nit/Lice” policy. Upon arrival, all campers will be checked for lice and nits. If there is any evidence of lice, campers must depart with their parents and cannot return until lice and nit free. In the event a camper must leave because of lice, no tuition refunds will be given.

The camp medical form must be completed and the emergency medical treatment section signed by a parent or legal guardian prior to the opening of camp. A camper will not be allowed to participate in camp activities until a completed form is received with photocopies of insurance information attached to the health form. Camp Mont Shenandoah does not provide accident or health insurance for attending campers. Parents will be responsible for any medical expenses incurred by their daughter.

If you would like to learn if we can manage a particular healthcare need for your daughter, please contact us.  We will be happy to answer any questions you may have!

“The worry part of me rests while (the girls) are there – no whose car are they in, are they having fun, are they getting enough to eat or are they happy. It is a resounding positive to all of those. While they are with you, those questions don’t nag at me – ever.”

– Parent | Richmond, VA