Camp Mont Shenandoah Songs

A Selection of Camp Mont Shenandoah Camp Songs

Thanks to the lovely voices: Caroline Morris Frye, Sarah McCarthy Kelley, Mary Lewis, Cathy Schafer McKay, Pamela Herbert Minkler, Stacy Payne, Kari Lassen Ring, Molly Trice, and Cary Wellford. Recorded in 1999 in The Feedbag by Charles Garrett & Gray Owl, Inc.

1. In the Land (1957)Play Download
2. Up on a Hillside (1968)Play Download
3. The Sweetheart Tree (early 1960s)Play Download
4. The Rose (1987)Play Download
5. We Love the Spirit (early 1960s)Play Download
6. Together Now We Stand (1971)Play Download
7. Follow Me (1975)Play Download
8. Fields of Gold (1993)Play Download
9. Simple Gifts (1983)Play Download
10. Greensleeves (1962 or 1963)Play Download
11. Hail Mont Shenandoah (1957)Play Download
12. Leaving on a Jet Plane (1982)Play Download
13. We Believe (1957)Play Download
14. Circle Game (1976)Play Download
15. Ye Watchers and Ye Holy Ones (1967)Play Download
16. Time in a Bottle ( late 1970s or 1981)Play Download
17. Our Youth (1976)Play Download
18. Scarborough Fair (1972 or 1978)Play Download
19. Oh Holy Night (1977)Play Download
20. If (1980)Play Download

21. Peaceful Silence (1988)Play Download
22. Randolph Macon Alma Mater (1977)Play Download
23. To Fill the World with Love (1975)Play Download
24. Ave Maria (1989)Play Download
25. The Sound of Music (1965)Play Download
26. Halls of Ivy(1960)Play Download
27. Fairest Lord JesusPlay Download
28. Camelot (1971)Play Download
29. A Time for Us (1972 or 1974)Play Download
30. Crimson Sunset (1965)Play Download
31. Song of JoyPlay Download
32. When We Go CampingPlay Download
33. Three Little CampersPlay Download
34. Yellow BusPlay Download
35. Wishing (1958)Play Download
36. Sunlight is Streaming/In the Light of the Moon (1971)Play Download
37. 1999 Mont ShenandoahPlay Download
38. 5’s SongPlay Download
39. TapsPlay Download

A Selection of Camp Mont Shenandoah Team Songs

Thanks to the lovely voices: Sally Horner, Jane Huntley, Pam Supplee Jiranek, Carroll Blair Keiger, Sarah McCarthy Kelley, Cathy Schafer McKay, Pamela Herbert Minkler, Kari Lassen Ring, Huntley Rodes, Martha Huntley Rodes, Sarah Catherine Rodes, Sallie Cecil Stillwell, Natalie Bocock Turnage, Cary Wellford, Neville Galloway Williams, and the six week campers and outstanding counseling staff of 2005. Recorded in 2005 in West Lodge by Charles Garrett & Gray Owl, Inc.

Buff Team Songs

Buff Team Songs to the Buff Team
1. Old Man River (1963)Play Download
2. In Praise of our Buff Team (1966)Play Download
3. Buffs Fair and True (1968)Play Download
4. Oh-Bla-Di (possibly 1969)Play Download
5. Buff Team’s Happy Song (possibly 1970)Play Download
6. Spoonful of Sugar (1978) Play Download
7. Leader of the Band (1985)Play Download
8. You Can Close Your Eyes (1989)Play Download
9. I’ll Remember (2002)Play Download

Buff Team Songs to the Green Team
10. Whiffenpoof (possibly late 1950s)Play Download
11. Never in a Million Years (1968)Play Download
12. Hey Greens (possibly 1969)Play Download
13. Edelweiss (1974)Play Download
14. Morning After (1978)Play Download
15. Killing Me Softly (1979)Play Download
16. Wendy (1980)Play Download
17. Adoration of the Magi (1986)Play Download
18. The Boxer (1987)Play Download
19. Only You (1991)Play Download

Buff Team Cheers
20. K-K-K-KatiePlay Download
21. We are the Girls, the Buff TeamPlay Download
22. Doo Wah DiddyPlay Download
23. Fox went out on a Chilly NightPlay Download
24. To Be a Buff Team GirlPlay Download
25. In Virginia’s Blue Ridge MountainsPlay Download
26. Walkin’ Down the StreetPlay Download
27. ThunderationPlay Download


Green Team Songs

Green Team Songs to the Green Team
1. Exodus (1971)Play Download
2. Do You Hear What I Hear (1973)Play Download
3. Sloop John B (1974)Play Download
4. Tied Up in a Package (1977)Play Download
5. Green Team Style (1982) Play Download
6. Angel Gabriel (1989)Play Download
7. Seek Ye First (1990)Play Download
8. Bottle Pop (1993)Play Download
9. Joseph Finale (1998)Play Download

Green Team Songs to the Buff Team
10. Barges (1971)Play Download
11. House at Pooh Corner (1975) Play Download
12. Kiss Today Goodbye (1977)Play Download
13. Father and Son (1982) Play Download
14. Red Rubber Ball (1987) Play Download
15. You’re the Inspiration (1993) Play Download
16. The Gambler (1995) Play Download
17. Forest Gump Suite (1996) Play Download
18. When You Say Nothing At All (2001) Play Download

Green Team Cheers
19. Aunt Jemima/Shenandoah Without the Buff TeamPlay Download
20. Who Do We Love?Play Download
21. Rice KrispiesPlay Download
22. Greens Stick TogetherPlay Download
23. Indiana JonesPlay Download
24. Yankee DoodlePlay Download
25. Cheer for the Green TeamPlay Download
26. D’em BonesPlay Download
27. SyncopationPlay Download