The GladeRefer a Camper

Each year many of our new campers come to us through the recommendation of our current and former campers.  The refer-a-camper process is easy, simply call or email with the name, address, and email contact for the families to whom you would like brochures sent. We will follow up with these potential campers immediately, and will also invite them to participate in a local CMS Meet & Greet / slide presentation.

Since 1927, we’ve relied on word of mouth as the best way to attract new campers. We look forward to receiving your recommendations so that we can help keep camp strong and vital for future generations.

“I started coming to camp because I am a legacy. Two of my aunts, my Mom and three of my cousins went to camp before I did. But after a year at camp, I began to realize that I wanted to come back – not because I needed to carry on my family’s tradition, but because these hills hold a loving friendship between girls, between camper and counselor, between Greens and Buffs, that can never be broken.”

– Camper | Denver, CO