Why Camp Mont Shenandoah?

We recently asked all of our current campers, families, staff and alumnae for answers to the question “Why did you choose Camp Mont Shenandoah?” We are pleased to present the results of our exciting, although completely unscientific, poll.

The CMS Top Ten List

10. The food
9. The outstanding staff
8. Confidence building & personal growth
7. Creates independence
6. The outdoors & the rustic nature of camp
5. It’s a safe place
4. Memories made
3. Fun
2. Friends
1. It’s home away from home

“We send them because they beg to go….it is their home away from home. CMS is a family. Every summer is a holiday get-together that is cherished by all the girls who have bonded by growing up in that special, caring environment.”

– Parent | Charlottesville, VA