Don't just take our word for it. Every year, we get tons of unsolicited letters and emails of support and enthusiasm, from both our campers and their parents. See what they have to say here.

Our girls often describe camp as their “happy place” or “summer home” and the time spent inside the gates as the best weeks of the year. It’s a place where young girls flourish and come into their own. We’re delighted to share some memories from our campers and their parents.

“The most magical place in the world - life long friendships, tight knit community, magic and wonder, independence and freedom as a young kid leading to more space to figure out who you are and what you care about. This place is one in a million.”

Chelsea S.Asheville, NC

“It's challenging to send a kid to camp, especially from Colorado to Virginia, but from start to finish, the experience was absolutely priceless…. a dream come true.”

Natalie B.Eagle, CO

“CMS has changed my girls' lives and will forever be at the center of their hearts. Their eight summers at CMS gave them independence, strength to pursue their dreams, confidence in taking risks and many life lessons that will carry them through the next steps of their lives. You have built a truly special place and I only hope that someday my granddaughters will have the same experience as my girls.”

Diane A.Richmond, VA

“My six summers spent as a camper, and then two as a counselor, molded my character. Now as I am interning for a judge and applying to law school, there is a certain sadness that I feel myself at a point in my life where I've moved beyond the age for camp, but also a realization that, without that time, I might not have reached this point. CMS's values have become so intrinsic to me that I cannot, looking back, think of a time that they were not a part of me.”

Bethany B.Alexandria, VA

“Thank you for an incredible summer. It has been so great to see our daughter’s fun personality emerge with new self-confidence and breaking her out of her shyness.”

Martha D.Salt Lake City, UT

“CMS is so much more than a summer camp — it’s a life changing experience!”

Layla J.Keswick, VA

“Our daughter had such a wonderful time and absolutely didn’t want to leave. The whole camp experience was such an enriching one for her, enabling her t meet new friends from all over the country, learn new skills, and learn the importance of friendship and teamwork.”

Catherine S.Rye, NY

“Our daughter’s smile grew about an inch wide on both sides and she had such a wonderful time with fellow campers experiencing the arts, drama, swimming, and just being a girl away from home.”

Mosby P.Houston, TX

“Camp is a place of such comfort, such warmth, friends all around, tee shirt and shorts all the time, no social constraints and no social pressures. I am so very happy I got this treasure of an experience!”

Johanna B.Concord, MA

“It’s the best place on Earth. It’s the place where I can get away from all outside distractions…where everyone feels like my sister. It’s the one constant in my life and the place where I have my fondest memories.”

Grace K.Richmond, VA

“Without question, camp made me into who I am today. I can see how what I learned at camp has carried me into young adulthood, and I am so grateful for the experience.”

Liza C.Richmond, VA

“At camp, there is a certain glow from the inside out that is evident all around, even in the hilarious younger campers who are experiencing the nuances of camp for the first time. CMS has a way of entering into the hearts of girls from the start. Any amount of time at camp fills a special reserve tank that we can call on regardless of where we are in life — it is a great blessing for girls of any age.”

Gigi T.Norfolk, VA

“Thank you for giving our girls the gift of CMS and providing such a wonderful environment for them to grow and develop into confident young women!”

Johana C.Aldie, VA

“My daughter has such a wonderful week enjoying the outdoors, making friends, eating delicious food, and just completely enjoying her first camp experience!”

Alice W.Fredericksburg, VA

“When we drove up to camp yesterday, we were the happiest parents ever! To see our daughter’s smile, her enthusiastic leaps in the air, and to hear her gush about camp, our hearts were filled with joy.”

“Camp lessons don’t just live at camp, do they? Flexibility, enthusiasm for the situation you are in, being ever mindful of friends and the needs of others, knowing that we have been blessed, are blessed, and should try to be a blessing to others.”

Ellen T.Washington, DC

“Thank you for the most magical experience! Our daughter is on cloud nine!”

Jessica T.Richmond, VA

“We often tell other parents that second to the impact of our family, Camp has been and is the most important experience of our daughter’s life. The opportunity for independence and adventure, the camp standards for not complaining or speaking unkindly of others, and the peace and acceptance for each girl remain with her throughout the year.”

“We send them because they beg to go….it is their home away from home. CMS is a family. Every summer is a holiday get-together with all their favorite people.”

“I had a blast. Now can I go tell all of my friends?”

Our History

Founded in 1927, Camp Mont Shenandoah embraced the ideals of America’s “camp movement” which was a reaction to the perceived physical and moral decline associated with urban living at the time. Learn more by following the link below!

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