Swimming & Canoeing

Splash, dive, swim and paddle in the refreshing waters while creating cherished summer memories.

Enjoy the Beauty of the River

All campers take swimming every day. It is the one required activity we have. We usually have two classes going simultaneously with all classes taught by American Red Cross certified Water Safety instructors. Lifeguards keep a careful eye at all times. Each camper is placed into a class based on her swimming skill level and according to ARC standards. Our 15-year-old campers are eligible to take lifeguarding as their swimming class to become certified lifeguards by the end of the Six Weeks. And on weekends, we have free swim when it’s just fun and play time in the water and a great way to cool off on those hot summer days! During Roots & Shoots, our swimming activities revolve around free swim more so than instruction. As campers often like to bathe in the river, girls are encouraged to bring biodegradable shampoo and soap.

Canoeing is taught to all campers age 12 and older. Classes canoe upstream and are guided by certified instructors with at least one lifeguard in each class. They learn proper strokes, safety measures, and sometimes just have fun enjoying the beauty and cooling waters of the river.

We have a swim and canoe meet the first Saturday during the Second Three Weeks. It is one of the team competitions between the Greens and Buffs with all campers participating. Lots of cheering can be heard up and down the river this day!

Horseback Riding

If horses are your passion, you’ll be able to enjoy a comprehensive equestrian program designed for girls of all ages and skill levels. Follow the link below to learn more about Camp Mont Shenandoah’s equestrian programs.

Let's Go!