Come Visit The Archery Meadow

Archery has been a central and much-loved CMS activity for many generations of campers. In today’s world, there are few places available for youth to learn how to shoot a bow and arrow. We keep our classes small to ensure each camper’s safety. Girls are taught the commands of the archery meadow, such as when they may shoot and when to retrieve their arrows. Each camper starts at the closest target, referred to as “First Rank,” ten yards away and can progress through the levels to “American Archers,” the target the farthest from the shooting line at 50 yards. A few campers achieve American Archer status only to begin the levels all over again using their non-dominant hand.

Land Sports

In addition to waterfront activities, horseback riding, and archery, Camp Mont Shenandoah offers a wide variety of land sports.

Let's Go!