Staff, counselors, and campers sit together family-style and enjoy tasty, balanced meals.

Nutritious and Delicious

Our kitchen staff is committed to providing nutritious and delicious meals for campers and staff. Our menu is healthy, well balanced, and kid-friendly.

Counselors, staff and campers sit around large wooden tables in the 1920’s era lodge we affectionately call “The Feed Bag.” Campers have assigned tables (seating changes weekly) and they pass shared dishes around the table “family-style” – just as you might at home.  On special occasions, such as campfire cookouts, meals are served outside “The Feed Bag.”

Well-Balanced and Healthy

The meals we serve at camp are based on well-balanced choices and are prepared on site by our kitchen staff. We offer an abundance of fruits and vegetables, and healthy whole food options.

If a girl has specific/special dietary needs, our kitchen staff works with her to provide appropriate dining options. We serve a vegetarian option with every meal. While we are not a certified nut-free camp, we are able to accommodate most dietary restrictions.

Let’s Celebrate!

Should your daughter have a birthday while at camp, we will help her celebrate by providing her with a cake, candles and cheerful greetings from all of the campers.

Local is better, and this partnership is the best!

Meet Chef Jarek Mika of the Inn at Warm Springs…

After two years of partnering with national companies, this year Camp is thrilled to announce that we are returning to our roots. Camp Mont Shenandoah and Jarek Mika of the Inn at Warm Springs are collaborating to create a new gold standard for “The Feed Bag” with delicious, nutritious, and kid-friendly food. (Yes, we are aware that kid-friendly and nutritious can be difficult to use in the same sentence!) Chef Jarek believes in the power of food to bring people together. Jarek’s tenure at the Inn at Warm Springs, where he transformed the dining experience at the Tavern at the Inn into a local favorite, speaks volumes about his passion for culinary excellence and hospitality. We are thrilled to be working with Jarek and his team!


Meet our Food Service Team



Beloved traditions are woven into every part of our camp experience. Many of these traditions go back nearly a hundred years, but that doesn’t mean that we don’t also develop new traditions over time.

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