Arts & Crafts

Welcome to “The Beehive”

Arts & Crafts classes have always been a favorite part of the camp experience. For almost all girls, there is nothing like an uninterrupted hour or so of concentration on a serious, but not too serious, art project in the relative calm of “The Beehive.” One of the best parts of a crafts project though, is its central location – the Beehive is situated at one of camp’s crossroads. Senior campers pass by on their way to the river, and just across the way, tennis classes are almost always in full swing.

Whatever the project, our instructors work individually with each camper to uncover and nurture her skills. Art projects change a bit every summer, but can include everything from sketching and painting, rock painting and shellacking, tie-dyeing, bracelet making, pottery, knitting, and even woodworking for our older campers.

Fitness & Wellness

Our wellness activities adopt a holistic approach to focusing on strong mental, emotional, and physical health.

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