First Timers

Not ready for a longer stay at CMS? Roots & Shoots may be the perfect introductory camp experience for your daughter. It is a week-long introductory session designed for new campers, ages 7- 12. In this program, younger campers can have the chance to try out summer camp for a few days.

Roots & Shoots

Started in 2000 to offer a shorter, one-week camp stay for first-timers, our “Roots & Shoots” program has become a tradition unto itself. It provides the perfect opportunity for a young girl to see if summer camp is her thing. For girls ages 7 to 13, it provides a taste of our main sessions and allows a girl the opportunity to gain some independence, create friendships, and learn a few skills. Offering this one-week introductory experience often gives a camper the courage to extend her time away from home during subsequent summers only to learn more about herself, others, and the outdoor world around her. Roots & Shoots is always the first full week of August and culminates in a mini-Parents’ Day type of event with programming in West Lodge and a delicious buffet lunch for campers, families, and friends.

Sessions, Dates & Rates

Registration for new campers opens in October of every year. Recommended session length ranges from one to six weeks.

Let's Go!