The Outdoors

Nature, Conservation and The Environment

Our outdoor-oriented program is where girls learn about nature, conservation, the environment, flora, and fauna of Western Virginia. Girls may make animal friendly projects, such as pine cones covered in peanut butter and bird seed that are hung from the trees around camp to feed our flying friends and squirrels. Other times, a class gets into one of the creeks that feeds the Cowpasture River to look at the small minnows and crawfish that reside in the pools of water. This often leads to using the wet rocks to paint legs and faces with earth tones. The girls will go on hiking expeditions. We do two camping overnights during the Six Weeks, one for younger campers on-site and one for the older campers at a stunning private camping site downriver from us.

Arts & Crafts

Arts and crafts classes have always been a favorite part of the camp experience. For almost all girls ,there is nothing like an uninterrupted hour or so of concentration on a serious, but not too serious, art project.

Let's Go!