Cabin Life

We have intentionally kept our facilities rustic and traditional. Campers enjoy being close to nature, in comfortable bunk beds, plenty of storage space, and modernized bath houses just a short walk away.

Home Away from Home

The cabin is one of the most important places at summer camp. It is where girls practice independence, live, sleep and make friends with their peers. The cabin is a camper’s home away from home.

Each cabin group develops its own community and cohesive personality. The staff at Camp Mont Shenandoah takes great pride in their efforts and consideration in placement of each camper. We place girls in cabins according to age and make every attempt to accommodate cabin requests whenever possible. We want to remind campers and parents that it’s great to come to camp with friends but we encourage all girls to meet new people and develop new friendships.

Campers are expected to make their beds in the morning and keep their locker and bunk area tidy.

The style and rustic nature of our cabins complements our historic and natural setting. All cabins do feature electricity and all the bathhouses offer flush toilets as well as hot water showers.

  • We offer multiple rustic cabins.
  • Campers are given their own bed and a dedicated area for their trunk and personal belongings.
  • Cabins are organized by age, experience, and length of stay.
  • Cabins have shower/bath houses nearby. Each shower house is equipped with individual shower stalls and heated water.


Our kitchen staff is committed to providing nutritious and delicious meals for campers and staff. Our menu is healthy, well balanced, and kid-friendly.

Let's Go!