Welcome Letter

Sending a child to summer camp is a big decision, but rest assured — you are giving her an opportunity to thrive and grow in a fully supported environment.

Creating Unforgettable Summers Since 1927

Dear Campers,

Welcome to Camp Mont Shenandoah! This is a place where you will create friends and memories that will last a lifetime.

We have a few sayings here at CMS that I’d like to share with you. The first is our tagline of “Creating Unforgettable Summers Since 1927”. These few words really describe who and what we are. Let’s start with 1927 – we’re old! In 2024 we turn 98 which is pretty darn epic for a summer camp. (We are really looking forward to celebrating our 100th anniversary in 2026.) With age comes wisdom and tradition. We are confident in what we do and the programming we offer. Along with these essential components are our many time-tested traditions that have served girls and young women for generations.

The two words in this phrase that are the most important, however, are Unforgettable Summers because that’s where we excel in working with campers. We help girls learn, grow, create, explore, and gain confidence, independence, and grit in a safe, caring and supportive setting. We focus on relationships – friendships with your peers, friendships with campers of differing ages, and friendships with staff. Oh, and you’re going to learn a lot of great skills when you’re here, too. You can hone your tennis or soccer skills; you can get on a horse for the first time; you can become the best archer; you can strive to pass a level of swimming in the cool, emerald waters of our pristine river; you can sing, dance, and act to your heart’s content on the stage in West Lodge. The sky’s the limit!

A second saying, one that was created by a camp parent years ago, is “By Girls. For Girls. With girls. Go Girls!” It boldly states much of what we’re all about – girl-power. Here at CMS, you get to be who you are – express the essence of your truest self – where you don’t have to look a certain way or act in a certain manner to feel accepted by others. You get to do You and be the best You possible. As stated by one camper, Camp Mont Shenandoah allows your inner light to shine brightly.

My final saying is something I randomly announce while camp is in session, which is “It’s another beautiful Day at Camp Mont Shenandoah where the Campers are happy and the Staff is Outstanding!” This is something I came up with years ago when I first became the director. The important thing is that it’s true:

  • We are located in a beautiful and enchanting part of Virginia, in the mountains along a river;
  • I am forever amazed at the smiles I see on campers’ faces and positive energy I feel throughout each day;
  • Lastly, we do have an outstanding group of counselors and other staff who genuinely care about each girl that enters our gates.

Please know that I remain available should you have any questions about CMS which may crop up as you explore our website.  I can be reached at Ann@CampMontShenandoah.com or 540-997-5994.  The office staff and I are here year-round and would be delighted to give you a tour of this remarkable place.  Please reach out to Céline, our Office Manager, to schedule a day and time, Info@CampMontShenandoah.com.

I look forward to having the chance to meet you and welcome you into our camp family.

Ann Warner
Camp Director

Parent & Camper Handbook

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