Inside Cabin

Cabin Life

Every summer, each cabin develops its own personality, memories and shared experiences. For that reason, we take time and careful consideration in placing each of our campers in a cabin. As a rule, campers are placed in a cabin according to age. Campers may request with whom they would like to bunk, and we make every attempt to accommodate these requests. Cabins are inspected daily. Each girl is responsible for keeping her bed, locker and immediate bunk area neat and tidy.

“The evening we arrived, my counselor had us gather round in the middle of the cabin and explained all the rules, answered all the questions we had, and told us that we could always, always talk to her if something was wrong. That night, I got to meet my cabin mates and made a best friend who is still one of my best friends to this day!”

— Camper | High Point, NC