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Virginia Historic Landmark


Camp Mont Shenandoah has been owned and operated by members of the same family for three generations. Started in 1927 by Nannie Crump West, the camp was sold to May “Ma” Withrow and Eva Gravatt after Nannie’s untimely death in 1934. These women operated the camp until they sold it in 1949. The purchasers were Mary Lib Patrick, Hazel Cox and Clarence Meadows (former Governor of West Virginia). In 1967, “Sis” Patrick Warner assumed the ownership of her mother’s shares while the remaining shares of the camp were purchased by Bill and Mary Glenn Carrington, Mimi Knight and Hal McVey. Bill Carrington acted as the camp’s Director through 1996 and Mimi Knight was the Program Director until 1983. In 1996, Ann, daughter of Sis Warner, became the third generation of owners of Camp Mont Shenandoah. Ann is the current Director, overseeing the day-to-day operations.

This summer, Camp Mont Shenandoah celebrates its 93rd year.  Recently listed on the National Register of Historic Places and the Virginia Landmarks Register, it is the oldest private residential camp in continuous operation in the state.  “Significantly, this turn-of-the-century camp is among the few places that created outdoor experiences solely for young women, and to this day the place has retained its architectural heritage and its picturesque setting,” said Julie Langan, Director of Virginia’s Department of Historic Resources Director.  Camp Mont Shenandoah has enriched the lives of thousands of girls since it was founded in 1927. To each season’s new and returning campers, Camp Director Ann Warner communicates the camp’s ideals and values, fosters appreciation and respect for the land and natural setting, and preserves the heritage of this iconic experience for another generation.



“To put into words why I come to camp would be to ask why the sun shines and why the sun sets. Camp is a place that allows you to learn about yourself…and to learn about others. You are allowed to live life to the fullest every day. Camp Mont Shenandoah is a place that creates a home for all, a shoulder to cry on, a friend to call and a song to sing as you fall asleep. So, in a few words, I come to camp to love, to live and feel the joy at being alive! Once you have been touched by camp, the feeling last forever.”

– Camper | Alexandria, VA